The seeds extracted from watermelon, cultivated in large quantities in western Sudan areas.
One of the common protein supplements like cotton seeds, groundnuts, soybean seeds and rape seeds.




Global production of watermelons was 111 million tonnes, with China alone accounting for 67% of the total.
Secondary producers each with less than 4% of world production included Turkey, Iran, Brazil, and Egypt.
Sudan exports a huge amount of watermelon seeds annually.

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When roasted or salted in a shell are known as a popular snack just like sunflower seeds, also considered a nutritional fiber-rich snack.

Naturopathic medicine

Watermelon seeds are used in Naturopathic medicine. It contains magnesium which regulates blood pressure and has a beneficial effect on blood sugar. Additionally, it contains mono and polyunsaturated fats which help reduce blood cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure.


Watermelon seed oil is primarily used for cosmetics. Its stable shelf life, light texture, and moisturizing prosperities make it a suitable emollient.

Special Salads

Hulled watermelon seeds can be used to make garnish cakes, various yummy desserts and also used as a part in preparing special salads and soups.

Animal feed

Watermelon seeds could be used as animal feed. Watermelon seeds cake is a good source of protein for animal and it is comparable to the cotton cake, linseeds cake, and neem seeds cake.

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